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ISP Deploys SpamTitan to Filter Email for Thousands of Users

Hiawatha Broadband Communications, Inc. (HBC) recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and is committed to safeguarding online privacy. It has built fiber optic networks to provide superior bandwidth, quality and reliability.  The company’s fiber-to-the-home and to the business networks provide voice, video, and high capacity broadband data services.

HBC provides access to the Internet through high-speed cable modems, fiber-to-the-home Ethernet as well as local dial-up access throughout the US and Canada.  The company has instituted policies intended to ensure that personal information is handled in a safe and responsible manner.  As HBC continues to grow, part of its charter is to take advantage of technologies to improve the broadband data services it provides to 11,000 residential users and 2,000 business users in southeast Minnesota.

In providing customers with the most full featured e-mail service available, including POP, IMAP, and web access, HBC uses SpamTitan and offers a content filtering service that employs powerful server-side filtering hardware and software to help provide a safe and customizable Internet environment.  Users have full control by simply selecting the categories they want to filter out.

Spam and E-mail Anti Virus Blocking

HBC uses SpamTitan’s email anti-virus blocking capabilities to actually lock up virtually all junk e-mail, viruses and other e-mail threats before they even reach a user’s inbox.

Initially, HBC relied on Postini for spam filtering but found this solution to be unsatisfactory. "With Postini we could only filter incoming email," said James Brown, a network analyst with HBC. "Our mail servers were being blacklisted because of outbound email from our customer base. We needed a product that could scan both incoming and outgoing traffic for spam and viruses at a low price point."

HBC evaluated many anti-spam email solutions in addition to Postini and after several trials and research, HBC choose SpamTitan.  "Many solutions were simply cost prohibitive while those that were within our budget did not have the extensive features we needed," explained Brown. "SpamTitan, however, seemed to offer exactly the right combination of price and performance and was one of the few products that could scale to meet the needs of an ISP.”

SpamTitan was installed in minutes by download and immediately protected our email users from continuous bombardment of malware, viruses, spam and other threats.  "The process was extremely easy," said Brown.  "We installed SpamTitan to protect 300 customer domains and the entire process took only about 40 minutes."  

For the enterprise, spam has long been a huge and expensive problem requiring an increasing slice of the IT and security budgetary pie. And for many ISPs, it’s required an expensive anti-spam effort to ensure the security of their customers, and their continued loyalty. Not so for HBC as Brown said, “SpamTitan's pricing actually came as quite a shock to us because it had more features than many of the other products we looked at, but cost substantially less."

SpamTitan for Internet Service Providers has been designed from the ground up to meet the complex needs of ISPs and managed email service providers.  Managed service providers can give their customers the mail management tools required for any local administrative tasks such as reporting, quarantine searches and mail release, per user setting and white list creation. Thus allowing low administration overhead to keep service costs at a minimum.

It provides dual antivirus protection, including Kaspersky Labs, 99% anti-spam protection, content filtering, in and out bound email scanning, LDAP integration, a full reporting suite and an automated updating process to ensure management overheads are kept to a minimum. 

Unparalleled Protection, Easy Administration

"SpamTitan has proved to be exceptionally easy to manage," said Brown. "Updates are completely automatic, so we know that our customers always have up-to-the-minute protection. We can create administrators for each domain that we host, meaning that we can give our customers control over their own spam settings. This reduces our workload substantially. Better still, our customers really appreciate being able to manage their own spam. They are able to create reports, create whitelists and blacklists and deal with quarantined emails without needing to come to us. It's a win-win situation. Furthermore, as all the configuration information for each domain is stored in a single file, when we need to migrate to new hardware, it will be a quick and easy process."

SpamTitan is a turnkey email security solution, which leverages both ClamAV and Kaspersky's award-winning anti-malware engine to shield against email-borne threats. "We're delighted to be able to provide our customers with such a high level of protection," noted Brown.

For ISPs, the sudden onslaught of spam can be the kiss of death, paralyzing operations as the inboxes of the organizations ISPs serve can be jammed up with thousands of unwanted, unsolicited spam messages. Finding an easy-to -use, easy-to-afford solution to this mushrooming spam epidemic could thus save a company’s operation significant time, resources, and stress.

At the heart of any antivirus program lies its engine – that is, the module responsible for scanning objects and detecting malicious programs. In today’s IT environment, where malware can reach epidemic proportions in hours or even minutes, an antivirus engine that is designed to provide the fastest possible response to new threats is essential.

Detection rates measure the thoroughness of a solution’s ability to identify new and existing malware. All antivirus vendors declare high levels of malware detection. However, this can only be objectively evaluated through consistent performance in independent comparative analyses. Kaspersky’s antivirus engine consistently leads comparisons of detection rates among antivirus solutions, with a false positive rate close to zero. Independent antivirus testing labs such as AV-Comparatives, AV-Test GmbH, Virus Bulletin and other independent authorities have all confirmed that the Kaspersky Anti-Virus Engine yields the highest detection rate.

"Since installing SpamTitan, we haven't had a single report of one of our customers being hit by an email virus,” stated Brown. “Kaspersky's antivirus engine is supposed to be among the industry’s very best, and that's certainly been proven by our experience." 

Supporting roughly 3,000 archival and packing formats; the engine can handle a large number of compression formats, which reduces the time required to analyze new samples.  This results in faster response times to new threats, which is especially important when providing protection for mail systems, given that a significant number of viruses are sent via email as compressed attachments.

HBC is extremely pleased with SpamTitan's performance. "Since we installed SpamTitan, it has blocked almost 4 million junk emails that would otherwise have placed a serious drain on our customers’ mail servers," explained Brown. "The product is easy to use, easy to manage and extremely affordable. Best of all, it has enabled us to provide our customers with world-class email security - that's good for them and it's good for our business too."  

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