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Web 2.0 Expo SF

Written by Heidi Congistre, Contributing Editor

Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco was a well-attended event alive with technological possibilities and innovations.  Sure, the swarms of years past were absent, yet word on the floor revealed real connections were made. Past attendees commented on the quality of conversations that went beyond basic explanations allowing them to apply specific technologies to a current project within their organization. One exhibitor commented that O'Reilly Media, Inc. really knows how to fill an event. 
The internet commerce is thriving with a keen awareness of the economic conditions for companies thereby providing solutions to ease or even eliminate current obstacles.  More efficient ways to increase profitability are available on the highways of the internet, providing innovation for success by cutting costs, streamlining operations, and enhancing productivity.  As I walked the floor many of examples of this responsive reaction and drive towards future prosperity were evident. I will provide a few here. 
The FeedRoom is providing solutions for Fortune 500 companies by reducing costs with their 4.0 Enterprise Video Platform (EVP).  As more business communications integrate video that streamlines operations and increase productivity. The next-generation of video communications exceeds the days of just a simple UGC upload to flexible, lightweight players and analytics with the FeedRoom's experienced team entrusted by the world’s largest organizations to deliver their live and on-demand video to the Web. For more information check out their new website:

Ever print out your airline ticket with extra content you do not need and many more pages than you bargained for.  And where’s the magnifying glass to read the ticket? The answer is here, you no longer need to waste paper as PupInk revolutionizes it. Companies can utilize their website, additional advertising spacesas customers print necessary documents further branding and advertising efforts with the ability to produce high-quality publications broadcasting your contents offline, creating consistency between online and offline communication. This service includes the ability to upload new design templates (Adobe InDesign & Quark XPress), analytics and monitoring for free trial period Register for a Free Account.
Roku launched a home multimedia player with Web 2.0 capabilities responding to trends to stay home and enjoy movies thus reducing extra entertainment expense.  Most broadband providers (such as a cable modem or DSL connection) utilizing Wi-Fi or the Ethernet port for a wired connection will instantly be able to watch from Netflix or Amazon, 12,000+ or 40,000+ movies/TV episodes respectively. The player accommodates old school yellow, white and red cables, the HDMI, or the new HDTV with a remote for playing, fast-forwarding, and rewinding, all the benefits of a DVD without the hassle.
Tweeting just got easier with providing the ability to update Twitter by voice, using any phone!  All messages are personally proofread for proper syntax, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation by Quicktate's highly accurate transcription service. What are they going to think up next? 
Technology and invention leading the economic recovering to come, can be found at a Web 2.0 event. Okay I am off to submit this article to gooseGrade, a FREE crowdsourced copy editing solution organization, as the folks in a booth at the Expo shared their FREE service, making my life just that much easier and productive…
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